A Manual for Creativity

"A Manual for Creativity"
by Seth and Karen Holmes

This is Seth's third book. It follows "A Manual for Peace" and "A Manual for the One World Government," but it appears first in the catalog. In this book, Seth goes deeper into manifestation, which he speaks about in "A Manual for Peace," and explains how to create something as big as an international government.

This is the point in creating your life where you have let go of the old, the question becomes how do you find something to replace that which no longer functions.

In this book, Seth explains the application of the overview principles of Creativity, focusing on manifestation but also teleportation, both Universal Laws. Teleportation is how it comes to us.

In Chapter 2, he explains Archangel Michael's story of Two Men on a Bridge.

This is a difficult time for many people, those who have an idea about what they want to create, even went through the planning process on the mental level, but don't know how to bring it about.

Eventually the focus of the prayer circle shifted from praying for people in crisis, the 100 mile radius, the planet and the galaxy to each of the members of the prayer circle chosing a project that was dear to our hearts. It was a wonderful time for us, dreams coming true, but we were coming from such a profound sense of lack, that this was our biggest obstacle. How could we bridge the gap between poverty and a major project? We were very poor people who thought the only thing we could offer to others was our prayers.

I wish to declare that each of of you has the capacity to bring this about — something as huge and overwhelming as an international organization based on world peace. Your dreams, technically speaking, are not limited by anything except your will and how much effort you are willing to put into something.

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