The Principles of Spiritual Shopping

"The Principles of Spiritual Shopping"
by Lady Gaia and Karen Holmes

This is the first booklet of the Getting Out of the Crisis Series, and Lady Gaia, the female aspect of God, addresses the first principle of how to create the life you want, which is based on having a plan that stands on principles. It is part of the Crisis Packet for people who are facing their end of life crisis. They are facing their end of life crisis because their plan to create their life wasn't standing on the principles. Each of the Getting Out of the Crisis Series booklets addresses the principles associated with one step of the planning process.

This is a fun topic. Lady Gaia explains how to find the right objects for your home. She covers how settling only for the 100% allows you to bring Heaven on Earth, and crunches the dimensions to unblock the stuck energy in your life.

"If women go into a shop and gasp when they see something, men will be more likely to go shopping with the women and give their opinion on something. It is not necessarily even that they need to give their opinion, because it will not make you look fat! It is not going to be the wrong color. It will all fit in... You will find that it will suit you just fine."

Lady Gaia is the female aspect of God.

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