Tolerance is the Key

"Tolerance is the Key"
by Lady Gaia and Karen Holmes

In this sixth booklet of the Getting Out of the Crisis Series, Lady Gaia addresses the Tolerance stage of the planning process. She explains that before people can come to the understanding they can get their life, they have to come to the flip-flop concept, that they must defend their own capacity to get their life. Tolerance can be seen as everyone working together with each functioning from his or her capacity. In this segment, Getting Out of the Crisis, tolerance is still in the planning stage.

Lady Gaia compares this stage to when a bully is targeting a child on the playground, and the other children are relieved it isn't them, but that a time comes when they, too, must defend themselves, because they are next. What is your plan?

"At this is being channeled, George Bush has declared Saddam Hussein to be guilty of his crimes, and it is an attitude of "good riddence." He is standing on the principles of defending the innocent. Well.... "

Lady Gaia goes deeper into the topic by addressing concepts related to tolerance, like equated ideas and judgment, and then starts to draw together the ideas to enable the reader to flip-flop to the understanding of how it is possible to get the life you want.

Lady Gaia is the female aspect of God.


Getting Out of the Crisis Series 6
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