Create the Life You Want

"Create the Life You Want"
by Seth and Karen Holmes

The World Peace Plan was first introduced to a small group of people at a prayer circle in Oregon in the early 1990s. The group had been getting insights from the spiritual hierarchy, channeled messages on how to create the life you want. One of the group's guides, Seth, who was famous for his work with Jane Roberts, started to teach people how to create the life they want. Until this time, the focus of the spiritual messages was that you create your own reality, and now the focus has shifted to how to bring it about. Several people left the group, thinking they were already doing so, leaving a core group, who worked on their own individual projects, and the plan for the international government is the overview plan.

The people who left believed the plan had no chance for success, and so they pursued their own agendas, and as the plan for the international government progressed, and their own plans proved to be inadequate, they started to pay attention. They were offered project ideas, and opportunities to become the independent members--teachers and advisors to the people and the governments--but none were prepared to assume the responsibility for the task. The solution is the Introductory Series to get all the independent members on the same page.

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