Is God Insane?

"Is God Insane?"
by Seth and Karen Holmes

The Getting Out of the Crisis Series addresses how to overcome any crisis that made you think you couldn't get the life you want. Now, with the Creativity Series, we start to look at the principles of how to create the life you want. This is actually the third page of the catalog, so it addresses the principles related to bringing in your support.

Seth starts this series with how to build trust. Who do you trust? He uses the example of an alterboy who has been sexually assaulted by a priest, and the priest tells the boy the Grand Lie. How does that build trust?

If someone has been accused of something, the truth doesn't overcome the lie, because no one knows who to trust. You have to start to unravel all the belief structures associated with the lie, and come down to the root cause of it to enable people to understand why this happened. I takes seven generations to unravel the misunderstandings.

Seth continues on by explaining that plans must address the root cause of the problem. Is the plan possible, or impossible because it is based on the demands of an insane God? If your plan is to create something that is so far out of your grasp, does God make you jump through proverbial hoops to reach your goal?

"Kind of like winning the lottery. Would God set it up so only one person makes it to Heaven? Or, if you are really, really good? That puts you into a bind about where is the arbitrary line you have to cross for being "good. It islike like being important, or hope, or the idea of tomorrow. It is an arbitrary line."

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts about the fact that we create our own reality.


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