Leaving Them in the Dust

"Leaving Them in the Dust"
by Seth and Karen Holmes

In this fourth booklet of the Creativity Series, Seth addresses the Crisis in the Family segment, and the principle of equality.

Seth explains how to gain credibility, and draws a distinction between educating and teaching. He says when there are many layers, alternate routes are introduced, and a sense of complexity is introduced, and they confuse the idea. The route that stands on the principles works, but the one with layers doesn't.

"All of the information we are looking at comes down to the idea of following the straight and narrow path, where you never get into ethical dilemmas, where you never get off your path."

"To function for the highest good for all people is when you are listening, and you are on an equal basis with everyone, and everyone has their voice. Everyone has their say. Now you are starting to understand how to teach."

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts about the fact that we create our own reality.


Creativity Series 4
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