Transformation to a New You

"Transformation to a New You"
by Queen Victoria, Seth and Karen Holmes

When you are working to create the life you want, what are the first issues you must address to become the person you were born to be? Queen Victoria was only eighteen years old when she became the queen of England. Seth includes a chapter on Creativity.

  • The Value of Protocol
  • Getting Respect
  • Why Settle for Second Best?
  • Reassess Your Resources
  • Overcoming the Cycles
  • Storming the Mountain
  • Creating Unity
  • Dedication
  • Boundaries
  • Directing Your Will
  • The Four Rules
  • The "World" Musketeers
  • The Definition of Success
  • Making a Presence
  • Changing Direction
  • Seth on Creativity
  • Not the End, But the Beginning

The mini-book triads focus on the planning process steps. This series is unique, because they create a loop, and are separated from the other two minibooks of the triad. All three address the power/planning process.

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