Your List of Criteria

"Your List of Criteria"
by George and Martha Washington and Karen Holmes

This is the first booklet of the Choice Series, the fourth series in the Creativity section, so it addresses the plan issues related to Crisis in the Family.

George and Martha Washington look at equated ideas that tear apart families, and share how their relationship enabled both of them to function on a higher level. They each had criteria they wanted in their marriage partner. They say this is what must be met for you to find your partner.

George tells us, "As a young man, I had my family structure, and such, but the opportunity was not there for me, as George Washington, to move higher in society... so I found a marriage partner... who had the wealth. Martha was looking for a handsome man. Martha was a plain woman, an average woman, but she had wealth. Together, we created a vesica picis."

Then the topic shifts to a more modern perspective, including the 12-strand DNA and George differentiates between the Flower of Life level and the family level. He explains that Martha's wealth was not enough to propel them forward. She could enable them to entertain in style, but he had to work with his Flower of Life level to help him get his life.

Martha explains, "Your capacity to get your life, as George just said, is based on your talents and gifts, but not your money." Together, he became the first president of the United States and she became the first First Lady.


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