Being Really Important

"Being Really Important"
by Seth and Karen Holmes

The Choice series addresses the line that runs through your chakras, and when you align your chakras by addressing your relationships, you can move forward to create the life you want. The fifth booklet of every series addresses the principles of security and capacity, and in this booklet Seth discusses the choice in one's life that is your final choice, and that is your commitment where you trust God.

You look at your body as being "you," but in effect, it is all of the aspects of "you" at every level, every chakra, that have to be in agreement for you to go forward."

"This is your final project, your final life. An immature person, you could say, always has another life stashed in front of him. The point of maturity is when you realize the choice you are making is your final choice."

"As the door is closing on the third dimension, this is when you must make your choice." The third dimension is also called "The Illusion," so as the opportunities end, based on the idea of having another life stashed in front of you, then you must make your choice, to align your chakras and to function from your own capacity, or...

What happens if you can't make the commitment? What about sociopaths? The people who are not responsible for anything so they believe they can do anything? "At some point in time, the lone person who doesn't do this will be left behind. They will be stuck in the proverbial Hell until they make their choice. It is a matter of feeling they can't get their life.


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