The World Peace Plan

By Bob Miller, Seth, Benjamin Franklin, Teresa of Avila, and Lady Gaia
and Karen Holmes

Five of our spiritual guides introduce themselves, and each explains from his or her own perspective how world peace can come based on the planning process, and then address how the planning process can help each of us to create the life we want.

Seth says, "In this book, we are going to look at the idea of each of the Rainbow's colors, and what the spectrum can do. You have the colors of the Rainbow, plus you have the whole Rainbow. The first is red, and that has to do with the idea of setting out on a journey. We are also going to bring in the idea of the Tarot cards, and we are going to draw this idea first into the red color of the Rainbow.

When you are working to create your project, keep this minibook nearby because it is a wonderful resource.

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