"The Pentacle of Power"

By Lady Gaia and Karen Holmes

Did you know that when you draw a five-pointed star, you are drawing the symbol for revenge? In this booklet, Lady Gaia explains how revenge works, and why it doesn't work.

This book, you could say, is a synopsis, or the whole concept in a nutshell, of why the power games have collapsed, and why the structures, the "powers that be," are no longer sufficient to handle this, and why it is possible to bring them in now."

How can you tell if your relationship is based on revenge or a win-win agreement? Play "Who Do You Trust?" It is a game with very high stakes.

This is the first booklet of the Power Series, which explains where true power comes from.

This booklet is recommended reading for The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal associated with the plan for the creation of the international government.

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