"The Application of the Principles"

By Seth and Karen Holmes

Equated ideas are what get us into trouble because they seem to be right and logical, but when seen from the wider perspective, they are not. In this booklet, Seth explains that no one can steal your plan because that person does not have the right to it, and uses the example of inheritances to explain the application of the principles. He says that by holding onto something that is not rightfully yours, you are fighting the Universe and you cannot win.

"We will unravel equated ideas related to the support issue of power, but it is not that you are bringing in the people, it is that you are delineating the rights you have to the support.

How can you tell if you are standing on the principles? Play "What Do You Have?" It is a game with very high stakes.

Includes a list of the principles one which every project must stand.

This is the third booklet of the Power Series, which explains where true power comes from.

This booklet is recommended reading for The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal associated with the plan for the international government.

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