"Becoming a Student"

By Seth and Karen Holmes

In this delightful and entertaining booklet, Seth explains the glitches aspect of why no one can retro-engineer someone's project, and with the permission of an alien, he retro-engineers an alien space drive to demonstrate what is actually involved with doing so. He brings in several principles in how technologies evolve, and uses examples such as stickers in your socks, fussy babies and Stonehenge to explain technology.

"I can introduce these ideas and it will be many millennia before mankind can take these ideas and run with them... The first concept of technology won't be available for many centuries."

It may take several centuries to travel to the far corners of the galaxy, but we have the past, the present and the future to help us to understand how to get there!

How can you tell if you are ready to create innovative technology? Play "Who Is Your Friend?" It is a game with very high stakes.

This is the fourth booklet of the Power Series, which explains where true power comes from.

This booklet is recommended reading for The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal associated with the plan for the international government.

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