The Power of the Law

"The Power of the Law"

By Moses and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Karen Holmes

Moses explains that when there is a schism between two sides or two people, eventually one side will demonstrate a higher interpretation of the law. The higher interpretation allows mankind to evolve. He also tells us the difference between a leader, a king and a dictator. A true leader is a servant of the people and allows everyone to function on a higher level, where dictators use their power to oppress others.

"When you stand on the power of the law—and the purpose for this book is—if you have the law behind you, sometimes it schisms... What you are morally able to do revolves around what is in everyone's best interest, but what you are legally able to do is another matter."

Mozart explains where joy comes from, and how joy is a part of the Star of David symbol. He prophesies that a future organization project will involve an invention, a musical instrument that reproduces the Music of the Spheres—angels singing.

How can you tell if what you hear will bring you joy? Play "What Do You Hear?" It is a game with very high stakes.

This is the fifth booklet of the Power Series, which explains where true power comes from.

This booklet is recommended reading for The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal associated with the plan for the international government.

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