The Power of Conquest

"The Power of Conquest"

By Alexander of Macedonia and Karen Holmes

This booklet is written to help you bring in your Flower of Life people. Everyone is the boss of his or her own project. You are dividing your project into segments, and each of the Flower of Life people will assume responsibility for one segment. You will make win-win agreements with them, and as you bring them in, you will teach them the principles. When they are ready, they, too, will draw in their own Flower of Life people, each becoming more specific.

Alexander speaks from his own experiece on how to build a sense of fear that precedes you when you move forward in conquest, but instead of taking over kingdoms, he tells us how to build excitement that brings your Flower of Life people toward you. He offers insights on how to overcome the resistance and blocks that prevent you from moving foward

"You can tell when changes are coming because of the sense of excitement, and because the people around you are ready. Life is a continuum and you feel most comfortable around people who are similar to you. You can look around and if you notice that all the people around you are ready for change, then the likelihood of you making the change is higher."

The project ideas are remarkable, and the usual response when someone hears the idea is to take it and hold it to himself or herself. Eventually, they learn they can't make it happen without you.

This is the first minibook the Power Triad Series, the three steps of the planning process that allow you to move forward in your progress.

This booklet is recommended reading for The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal associated with the plan for the international government.

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