Unraveling the Past

"Unraveling the Past"

By Queen Sophie of the Netherlands and Karen Holmes

Sophie tells us that her actions or lack of actions helped to set up the circumstances for World War I and II, and therefore the creation of the United Nations. Because of equated ideas that should not be equated, the United Nations is now crumbling, so she looks at how to unravel the past misunderstandings and assumes responsibility for the damage she did in the past.

"My minibooks will unravel all of the equated ideas that led to the creation of a "mirror image" of what you wanted to create."

Sophie looks at equating one's purpose in life with one's livelihood, crucifixion, one's relationship with God, common goals in relationships, lack of trust and lack of opportunity, and negotiating to get your life.

"The idea of the Grand Lie, or the Illusion, is that one individual has more capacity or more power, more opportunity, more ability, more equality—if that is possible—than another, and that they deserve to have greater capacity or equality, or whatever, than another person for some reason. But, the framework that has been set up is to create an equal opportunity and capacity for everyone."

By unraveling the past, it is possible to move forward in your own progress.

This is the second minibook the Power Triad Series, the three steps of the planning process that allow you to move forward in your progress.

This booklet is recommended reading for The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal associated with the plan for the international government.

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