Out of the Abyss and into Life

"Out of the Abyss and into Life"

By Thomas Aquinas and Karen Holmes

What puts people into the abyss is the belief structure that someone is trying to prevent them from getting their life. The first book of the Power Triad involves coming up with a plan, but not understanding that your choice affects those around you. The second step is learning the tools to wield to create the life you want, and finally, you must find a balance between the first two steps and that you can wield the tools to help you overcome the resistance, and that no one can prevent you from getting the life you want.

"We are going to address what it means to start out on your journey and to find a sense of balance."

Thomas Aquinas talks about how to know where you are, where you are going and how to get there, conflict resolution, and failure and success.

"So, over and over again in your life you are facing the same ideas. You have a problem—you have a rationale, which is the problem—and then you come up with some sort of plan, and it could be as minor as what to do on a Saturday night when your spouse is out of town."

This is the third minibook the Power Triad Series, the three steps of the planning process that allow you to move forward in your progress.

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