"The End of Time"

By Father Time and Karen Holmes

Father Time looks at how Relative Time functions, that it branches and it is not fixed. You can manipulate Time to go faster or slower.

"To slow Time, you have to comprehend where you are and how this functions."

He explains how Time is not a construct, but it is, and about how you can step out of Absolute Time and into Relative Time and back again, and Time will have passed very quickly, and this is where the stories have come from, like Rip Van Winkle and dancing with the fairies.

Relative Time is like a stack of papers on a spindle, and each paper is an opportunity, and has a beginning and an end, and the end is the end of the opportunities. As you reach the end of Relative Time, you can leap to Absolute Time and see that you are unlimited to the number of choices you have.

This is the third booklet of the Time Series, which explains the nature of Absolute and Relative Time.

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