"The Code"

By Father Time and Karen Holmes

Father Time now looks at the win-win agreement male and female, and uses a new metaphor, that of a plant. He says a seed has a male and female side, and has everything it needs to start growing when squeezed to do so, but something is missing, something that scientists have not yet understood.

"Now we will start to address the twelve levels that are required to create something. It is not just the male and females coming together as counterpoints."

He goes on to say that for a baby to be born, there must be an agreement for it to come, and if you decide you don't want the baby, it will be spontaneously shed. There is no need for a surgical procedure to let it go.

All parts of self must be in agreement, and if it is a matter of conflict, where you are bringing the child into a crisis situation, there is no need for the baby to be born.

This is the fifth booklet of the Time Series, which explains the nature of Absolute and Relative Time.

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