"The Flower of Life is Growing!"

By Father Time and Karen Holmes

In the final booklet of the Time Series, Father Time carries the metaphor of the plant further to tell us how it grows to allow you to move forward. The male has the potential and the female has the drive.

"Assume now that... the lifepartners have come together to create the stem of the plant, and it has grown up... Them male has the potential and the female has the drive... and they can go anywhere they want. The man has the money and the woman says where she wants to go for dinner."

Father Time talks about the traditional roles of the male and female, that the woman's role is the breadwinner and the man's role is the protection of the family. The family comes together and each one functions from his or her own talents and gifts, and their own education. When the traditional roles flip-flop, it creates chaos in the family.

Well, in the United States, the traditional roles have flip-flopped and it has created a sense of chaos."

Father Time compares romantic attachments to genocides.

This is the sixth booklet of the Time Series, which explains the nature of Absolute and Relative Time.

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