World Peace newsletter
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"World Peace"

This newsletter is for government employees and businesspeople, and anyone who is interested, to keep informed about the government proposals, the projects and events.

How many events occur out in the world on any given day, and how can one person stay informed on every issue? The plan for world peace is huge and makes the task even more daunting. "World Peace" newsletter is the solution.

Eight government proposals will be introduced each year. Readers will understand the background information behind each problem and the solution offered in the proposal, and the associated projects and events that are part of the planning stages to reach the goal of that nation attending the conference of world leaders and to be an advocate of the solution.

A detailed survey is included with each issue, and it allows readers to have a voice in the matter. The completed surveys will be turned over to the governments participate in our events, and projects as part of our advisory program.

All of our newsletters start with the rationale for the crisis and address the root cause of it, and then each issue carries readers step by step through to the successful conclusion of the crisis. Imagine that World Peace newletters will become, bascially, an historical document that takes mankind from the worst-case scenario of a global genocide to world peace.

World Peace newsletter is sent free to the ambassadors in Washington, DC to enable them to keep informed, too, with what is occurring in other nations.

An ad for recommended reading allows readers to go into greater depth on the principles and the application of the principles for each of the proposals.

"World Peace" ISSN 2158-6713