The First Battle of Armageddon

"The First Battle of Armageddon"
by Seth and Karen Holmes

This series is for people who are concerned about the creation of the international government.

Addresses the polarization that occurs from a Moment of choice when one stands on the principles and on goes down into the games. The choice is for the creation of the international government.

"At the present time, the forces of nature--of mankind's nature--are pulling apart, and are starting to form a crisis situation... people have a choice, and at the present time, the first wave of people are facing their choice. Those surrounding the idea of the plan for peace--the ones who stand on the principles, are the first wave."

"Well, this first battle of Armageddon has to do with the principles of the international government. Will it be something that will tear the planet apart as everyone battles for supremacy and devolves into nuclear holcaust, or will people stand up to make their declaration?"

The Armageddon Series is part of the Pass It On Series, which can be purchased for personal use, but it is also meant to be gifted to others.

ISBN 0-9763827-8-4
Booklet/13 pages

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