We Are One

"We Are One"
by Seth and Karen Holmes

"There is a saying that when Science reaches the pinnacle of understanding, God will already be there." In this booklet, they meet.

Introduces the overview (Rainbow) principles of the Unified Field Theory, describing "All That Is"--God.

"The World is made up of segments... of dimensions... of matter and energy.. of frequency, and sound and light waves, and all function according to principles. The underlying principle is that everything is One. When Suzeranda's daughter, Barbara, was in school--she was homeschooled-- for her first math lesson, she learned the qualitative aspect of the number "one." You could say the only thing mankind has done over the last four billions years has been nothing more than to study the number "One." Barbara's first math lesson, which you could say would be the Rainbow idea of the Universe, was "the number one is made up of many parts."

ISBN 0-9763827-9-2

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