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Creativity 1: Walk the Rainbow

If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process you can find the solution.

The Rainbow is the overview concept of the plan, and each of the colors of the Rainbow represents one segment of the Planning Process. To understand where you are, you leap back and forth between the two. There are seven stages and twenty-two steps in the Planning Process. (The Planning Series booklets explain this in greater depth.)

Six booklets series cover the principles of the stage, perfect bound trade books address the application of the principles, and the three planning stages are covered in the triad series, as if you are walking forward— left, right and straight ahead.

You can find
more information about Rainbows in
The World Peace Plan.

As you Walk the Rainbow,
sometimes we will include a map.
You are here.

The World Peace Plan map

Most people start with Red, the color of Creativity, but you can actually start anywhere in the catalog, which is a resource in itself.

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Mankind is Walking the Rainbow, Too

The entire planet is Walking the Rainbow with the creation of the proposed international government, which will guarantee your right to do so. Each government proposal will have one page of our catalog to cover the principles of the proposal, the application of the principles and the planning stages.

The planning for the first proposal includes the creation of a professional publishing team to handle the distribution of these books. The books are sufficient to help you rise out of your crisis, but when that is not enough, the second proposal enables the creation of a series of crisis centers where anyone can go to get free counseling (or by donation) by the local channels (prophets) and spiritual teachers. Wars and genocides are oppressive to the people, and many people are in crisis and don't have time to learn how to Walk the Rainbow.

The first crisis center will be located in Brookings, Oregon. We will train the channels from other cities and towns on how to set up their own crisis center, using our books and course curriculums. We will draw in other towns through the tent tour segment of the organization.

Until a crisis center is established in your town, the books are sufficient to help you create the life you want.

For information about the plan for the international government, please go to
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government website.