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Creativity 1: Overview: Walk the Rainbow

A message from Karen Holmes:

We are all born with a blueprint in our heart that enables us to fulfill our purpose in life. The blueprint is a soul agreement with our Creator. Most of us don't remember what our purpose in life is. Every choice we make in life is meant to help us create the life we want, but misunderstandings kick us off course, and if not corrected right away, that is what eventually leads to our end of life crisis. We die when we reach the point where we believe we can't get that life.

If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process you can find the solution.

How do we know what the root cause of a crisis is?

Lady Gaia has a soul agreement with each of us to enable us to create the life we want, and she has given us the root cause of over twenty crises we are facing as a planet. We will introduce the root causes through the organization's projects. The rest will come through the channels when people come to ask for help at the Crisis Centers, which will be started when we introduce the second government proposal. That proposal addresses our unalienable rights that come from her.

People must be squeezed to let go of the old and come into the new. We fulfill our purpose in life by solving our own crisis by doing what is in everyone's best interest. We can create whatever we want as long as we don't interfere with another's plan.

When you Walk the Rainbow, you go through the planning process first on the spiritual level, which started with the soul agreement with our Creator, and that makes your plan possible. Then you go through the planning process again on the mental level, which makes it probable, and then on the physical level, which makes it likely.

Walking the Rainbow using the catalog as a roadmap:

The Rainbow is the overview concept of the planning process, and each of the colors of the Rainbow represents one stage of the planning process. To understand where you are, you leap back and forth between the two. There are seven stages and twenty-two steps in the planning process. (The Planning Series booklets explain this in greater depth.)

Each six-booklet series covers the six principles of that step. Each has a trade book that addresses the application of the principles. The three mini-book series covers the planning steps as if you are walking forward, left foot first, then right and then straight ahead. Your course is mapped out, just walk the Rainbow, but be prepared for loops! Sometimes the page format changes, but the change is also part of the planning process.

As you walk the Rainbow, you will discover others with the same goal are on the same path. Each "Flower of Life" team will work together based on the principles of the cooperation of nature to create the project that benefits everyone, each sharing his or her talents and gifts, which come from our Creator. Eventually, the Rainbow person, the person with the idea for the plan, will assume responsibility for the #1 booklets of the series, the second will focus on #2, and so on, and each will go into greater depth. Think the Fellowship of the Ring from Tolkein's Ring trilogy.

(To get a general idea of how this works, read James Redfield's books, "The Celestine Prophecy" and "The Tenth Insight.") We recommend books and movies at times because they help to explain ideas, and will carry then in our stores for the convenience of our customers.

Our books are not scholarly books. They are written in a format for people who are in a crisis. Imagine someone who is in crisis and she prays for help, and God or an angel comes and talks to her, like a friend. That is what happened. She is walking the Rainbow, too. to create the life she wants.

The World Peace 

For overview information about the planning process, check out "The World Peace Plan."


As you Walk the Rainbow,
sometimes we will include a map.
This map tells us we are in the Creativity segment,
but also in the Flower of Life level segment.
The smallest circles are the Projects level.

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A Manual for Creativity

"A Manual for Creativity"

by Seth and Karen Holmes

Once you let go of the old,
how do you find something to replace the old
that no longer functions?

In Seth's third book, he explains the application of the principles of Creativity, how to manifest something as large as an international organization for world peace.

Mankind's Path to World Peace

The idea for the plan for world peace was first introduced at our prayer circle in 1999. It was the overview plan and then everyone was given the opportunity to choose a project idea. Each of us was overwhelmed with joy, but then the crisis became how to go from having an idea to creating the project. How did people with no money create a huge project? Where does anyone start?

The entire planet is now where we were in 1999. We are Walking the Rainbow with the creation of the proposed international government, which will guarantee your right to create the life you want, too, but now we have the books and government proposals that carry people forward. It takes all the people on the planet working together to create world peace, but part of that is to work to create your own part of world peace and work together based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. Each government proposal will have one page of our catalog to cover the principles of the proposal, the application of the principles and the planning stages. Each has a body of knowledge that must be addressed to create the plan for that step or stage.

On the organization, we offer the planning steps and stages for the creation of the international government in the Track Our Progress section. Please go to
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government website.