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Creativity 3: Creativity Series

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Is God Insane?

Seth / Karen Holmes: Addresses equated ideas that God expects us to be good, or to do the impossible to get the life we want. Looks at the cycles required to unravel ideas, and how they are short-circuited by the planning process.

Creativity Series 1
$3.50 (Item #13001)

Bringing in the People

Seth / Karen Holmes: Addresses the final principles of the last segment of the circle — tolerance. Each time you go around the circle, you make your project more likely to come about. Prophecy is a potential future.

Creativity Series 6
$3.50 (Item #13006)

Coming From Your Capacity

Seth / Karen Holmes: What is the ultimate conclusion of the lack of capacity? Why the goal of being important doesn't work, and the ultimate conclusion is that you push people away.

Creativity Series 2
$3.50 (Item #13002)

Transformation to New You

Queen Victoria and Seth / Karen Holmes: Instead of the usual trade book, this first minibook of its series creates a loop in the catalog. The other two minibooks of this triad series are on other pages. Can be purchased as a set.

Power/Planning Series Triad 1
$6.50 (Item #13007)

Been There, Done That

Seth / Karen Holmes: Opposing sides of the circle of the dance involve compassion and judgment. Understanding leads to empathy. Tolerance.

Creativity Series 3
$3.50 (Item #13003)

Coming Soon

Triad Series 1
$6.50 (Item #13008)

Leaving Them in the Dust

Seth / Karen Holmes: How to gain credibility. The difference between educating and teaching, and how educating leads the person you are trying to convince to stop listening to you.

Creativity Series 4
$3.50 (Item #13004)

Coming Soon

Triad Series 2
$6.50 (Item #13009)

Starting a Movement

Seth / Karen Holmes: When you start out on your projects— to create the life you want— your family will be the first obstacles to overcome. Your actions threaten their security and they will protest.

Creativity Series 5
$3.50 (Item #13005)

Coming Soon

Triad Series 3
$6.50 (Item # 13010)