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Creativity 6: Expanded Awareness Series

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The Pope's Glory

Karol Wojtyla / Karen Holmes: You are unlimited as to what you can create. Explains the tool of taking on the sins of the world. Addresses returning the church to the principles of Universal Law.

Expanded Awareness Series 1
$3.50 (Item #16001)

Empowerment For Your Future

Sanat Kumara / Karen Holmes: Addresses the principles of the Father, Mother and Son, which relate to turning your past experiences into your potential, and combining them with your talents and gifts, and moving into the future.

Expanded Awareness Series 6
$3.50 (Item #16006)

Functioning on a Higher Level

Alexander Hamilton / Karen Holmes: Is your crisis a blessing or a curse? Neither. It is an opportunity. Hamilton addresses bringing in people to help. Draws religions into the "Universal Law of the "pure ray."

Expanded Awareness Series 2
$3.50 (Item #16002)

You Don't Own Your Children

Seth / Karen Holmes: Also part of the Lifepartnership packet, this booklet states your children may understand more than you about God, and if you attempt to teach them, you may be inhibiting their capacity to get their life.

Expanded Awareness 7
$2.50 (Item #16007)

Getting Ready to Return Home

Louis, the Sun King / Karen Holmes: The business aspect involves the important of not limiting yourself by your definition of who you are, nor leave anyone out of your consideration. You have a far wider capacity than you believe.

Expanded Awareness Series 3
$3.50 (Item #16003)

Father, Mother and Son
Closing the Door on the Past

George Washington / Karen Holmes: Addresses the ideas surrounding your capacity to create your life, that you can turn past experiences around to your advantage. Introduces the root cause of osteoporosis, which comes from throwing away past experiences.

Expanded Awareness Series 4
$3.50 (Item #16004)

Potential and Drive Spiral
Functioning From Your Own Capacity

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Karen Holmes: Conflict resolution, and allowing the House of Cards to crumble. No one can do your job, but you. Step away from the dance rather than allow it to back you into the corner.

Expanded Awareness Series 5
$3.50 (Item #16005)

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