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Creativity 2-3: The Flow Series

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The Flow Begins

Seth / Karen Holmes: At some point in time you reach the point of no return, and must make a choice to stand on your own capacity. By turning your capacity over to another person you cannot get the life you want.

The Flow Series 1
$3.50 (Item #12301)

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The Flow Series 6
$.00 (Item #12306)

The Flow is Blocked

Archangel Michael / Karen Holmes: Looks at the allegorical dwarves, who are working solely for their own benefit. What happens to your capacity to get your life if you defer your choice, and do not see your own potential.

The Flow Series 2
$3.50 (Item #12302)

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$.00 (Item #12307)

No Longer the Chosen People

Seth / Karen Holmes: What it means to turn your life over to God. Sooner or later, what is given to you by God will come to you, and those who attempt to wrest it from you will lose it. It was never theirs in the first place.

The Flow Series 3
$3.50 (Item #12303)

Revelation Revealed

John the Apostle and Karen Holmes:

$.00 (Item #12308)

The Law of Business

Bob Miller / Karen Holmes: Capacity combines security and support. If you rely on your career to do something "important," how can you distinguish yourself from all the others? You know what works and what doesn't work, so when you see oppression, stand on the principles.

The Flow Series 4
$3.50 (Item #12304)

On The Road To Greatness

Joan of Arc and Karen Holmes:

$.00 (Item #12309)

Going With the Flow

Seth / Karen Holmes: Addresses how to work with the flow instead of being an obstacle in it.There are small things you can do to make huge differences in your life, in your business, or in your project to give you greater flow. Don't fight it, work with it!

The Flow Series 5
$3.50 (Item #12305)

(Joshua's book)

Joshua and Karen Holmes:

$.00 (Item #12310)