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Creativity 2-4: The Schism Series

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Unity in Diversity

Mary Baker Eddy / Karen Holmes: Introduces the idea for drawing Christian Science and the other religous sects back to the Faith of the Pure Ray so they are drawn back to the principles of Universal Law. All the religions will be united, and represented by a "mother of the race."

The Schism Series 1
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The Schism Series 6
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The Schism Begins

Martin Luther / Karen Holmes: The schism divides those who, when the pendulum swings, stop at the middle and those to go to the opposite side. The difference is in their life experiences.

The Schism Series 2
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The Runes Interpreted

Sven Larson / Karen Holmes: The teachings of how to create the life you want are all around you, and have been hidden "in plain sight" all along, but you just didn't see them. The runes are more than Norse letters, they are symbols of the deeper teachings.

The Schism Series 3
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The Schism Series 4
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The Schism Series 5
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