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Creativity 2-5: The Capacity Series

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Leap to the Higher Level

Seth / Karen Holmes: How do you make that leap out of the abyss, and what do you need to make it happen? How do you know where you are, and what you have and who can help you?

The Capacity Series 1
$3.50 (Item #12501)

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The Capacity Series 6
$.00 (Item #12506)

The Dwarves are United

Seth / Karen Holmes: When do the dwarves stand on the principles? They function entirely for their own benefit, but when they are backed into the corner in the Revolution to the Evolution, then they, too, stand on the principles.

The Capacity Series 2
$3.50 (Item #12502)

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$.00 (Item #12507)

The Fall of the House of Cards

Lady Gaia / Karen Holmes: When you do not function from your own capacity, but lean on someone else, eventually the relationship will collapse. Your lifepartner will help you get out of the abyss, but does not have the capacity to help you get your life.

The Capacity Series 3
$3.50 (Item #12503)

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$.00 (Item #12508)

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The Schism Series 4
$3.50 (Item #12504)

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$.00 (Item #12509)

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The Schism Series 5
$3.50 (Item #12505)

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$.00 (Item #12510)