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Creativity 2-6: The Kingdom Series

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The Flow of Energy

Zorah / Karen Holmes: Reintegrating all parts of self, including our alien parts, allows us to go forward. The flow of energy comes down through the line that runs through us, and goes out to the ends of the Universe.

The Kingdom Series 1
$3.50 (Item #12601)

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The Kingdom Series 6
$.00 (Item #12606)

Beauty Can Be Found in the Darkness

Wild Rose Fairy and Silkie / Karen Holmes: A fairy who tends a wild rose discusses how roses grow "upside down," synonymous with people who blossom in the dark. The silkie asks for help in purifying the energy body of the Earth. (Includes laminated rift healing prayer card.)

The Kingdom Series 2
$4.50 (Item #12602)

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$.00 (Item #12607)

Facing Your Fears

Beelzebub and Seth/ Karen Holmes: Unravels the War in Heaven, and who "The King of the Demons" is and where he came from. When people face their fears, they "face their demons." Says there will be many cases of mental illness shortly, and this book offers a solution.

The Kingdom Series 3
$3.50 (Item #12603)

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$.00 (Item #12608)

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The Schism Series 4
$3.50 (Item #12604)

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$.00 (Item #12609)

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The Schism Series 5
$3.50 (Item #12605)

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$.00 (Item #12610)